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Breakaway Earrings™ - 
  • Modern, minimalist earrings with hidden utilitarian functionality
  • Screw-on earrings have magnetic attachment that breaks away if pulled
  • Dangling, modern bars for elegant nights out on the city... same breakaway feature; if someone grabs the dangling earring, it safely detaches from the earring base.
  • BONUS: Mini tools (screwdriver and Phillips head) detach for easy access and use
  • Philips: 3/21" 
  • Flathead: 3/21"
  • Comfortable: Flat back is designed for comfortable, no-poke sleeping
  • Secure: Magnet is strong enough so no earrings will be lost accidentally
  • Beautiful: Rose gold finish with stainless steel pole and iron/magnet base
  • Quality: Made from stainless iron and rose gold finish
  • Giftable: Comes in a gift tin with viewing window
  • Track record: This is our 8th successful Kickstarter


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